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 Customized Massage

This session is as individual as the person on the table.   A wide variety of massage modalities are used to increase circulation, release muscle tension, eliminate toxins and reduce stress. 

60 minute $125

90 minute $175

Deep Tissue Massage 

In this session  firmer methods are used to release tight muscles, relieve stiffness and tension & improve blood circulation.

60 minute $125

90 minute $175

The Restoration

Warm oil is applied to the third eye (center of forehead) which profoundly relaxes and balances the central nervous system, creating a calming, and soothing effect while nourishing the hair and scalp.  

Next is a stimulating scalp massage improving circulation and encouraging hair growth.  A face, neck, chest, shoulders, and foot massage is included in this totally pampering treatment.  

60 minute $110


Relax your mind, relieve tension and discomfort with a glorious prenatal massage.  We are here to support you during this precious time of growing another human being.   This session will be catered according to how many weeks along you are and your personal needs.

60 minute $120

90 minute $170


Hot Stone Massage

Melt Away tension, ease muscle stiffness, increase circulation and metabolism through the placement of hot stones.

Hot stones, when coupled with massage help expand blood vessels, which encourage blood flow throughout the entire body.

60 minute $110

90 minute $170

Cupping Therapy

Enjoy local pain relief and muscle relaxation, along with increased blood flow to a particular muscle region.  

Improve overall health by removing energy blockages that block the flow of healthy qi.   

60 minute Includes reflexology of scalp and feet.

30 minute $60

60 minutes $120

House call's are offered for a $100 travel fee 

Add $20 per hour for house call. 

Commit to your health with with a package.

Pre-natal Package 


Deep Tissue

Chair Massage Available For:

Corporate Events

Baby Showers


Girls Night 

Mothers Day



Wellness Day



Buy a Package! 

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