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To Give & Receive Love

"Tiara excels at providing thorough, full body massage and bodywork.  I literally feel transformed after each session and have a profound spiritual experience as a result of her sharing her high vibrational energy.  Her positive energy and uplifting spirit are a treat to be around.  Tiara is a breath of fresh air and a spark of light fit for illuminating her environment.  Step into this light and see how it transforms you.  Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies will thank you."

Andrew Mackey

Holistic Fitness Consultant

C.P.T., A.C.E.

"Next to the sea in Encinitas, as the day was settling into dusk, I had a truly amazing experience with Tiara.  

She has the touch of heaven, with the sweetest spirit of one devoted to the healing arts.  From humility, grace, kindness and knowledge, your experience on the table is one of the cosmos. 

In a culture where we worry a lot, and often lack a balance between our work lives, home lives, and our bodies-massage therapy is a divine gift."


Shirley Innecken 

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