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About Tiara

Tiara is the owner and founder of Love Health Balance.  

Positive change agent, natural cancer survivor,  lover of life!  

We have been in business for 14 years. 

 Located in the heart of beautiful Encinitas at Moonlight Beach.

Tiara, and her staff offer high quality, multi sensory experience's in all areas of their work.  Their gift to you is to help you connect to your true purpose and divine beauty through massage, meditation, restorative yoga and wellness coaching.   

Maintaining a healthy state depends especially on a balance of outward activities and regular inward directed activities like massage and meditation.     

Use your time for silent self study allowing yourself to turn inward and become the pebble at the bottom of the stream.  You don't have to do a thing.  Just let your breath wash over you , cleanse you, heal you.     

Relax, Receive, Renew You! 

Every day is different we are constantly changing.  Therefore each session is customized to fit the individual needs of whomever is on the table.  


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